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Fic List

A list of my fics, grouped by series. Comments on any fic are always appreciated.

CLAMP fics (TRC, xxxHolic)

Bleach fics

Other fics (Legend of Zelda, Trigun, Samurai 7, misc.)


It's been a long time.

I have no idea if anyone still remembers me, or anything I used to post here, but if anyone is interested - I just can't write anything Tsubasa/XXXHolic/Bleach anymore. The first two disappointed me so strongly manga-wise that I just can't muster the interest to write as I used to, and Bleach fell a ways as well.

There are also other things that have contributed to killing most of my desire to write, but those have no place being mentioned here.

To anyone who ever read my stuff, and liked it, thank you so much. I loved writing it all and that even one other person could enjoy that made me happy. I'm sorry that there will be no more.

Heat Wave (Part Five) - Unfair

Title: Heat Wave (Part Five) - Unfair
Series: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: Akon, Nemu, Rin, Mayuri  (Characters by Kubo Tite)
Warnings: -
Notes: I haven't written fic in awhile. I thought writing some Akon would help me ease back into it. Heat Wave (Part Four)- Tired - Kensei/Shuuhei
Akon had never seen the other Captains as many times in his entire service as he had in the last week or so. It was irritating.Collapse )

Anything you want to say?

Saw nekokoban do this...and thought I'd do the same. Say whatever you want to say to me...anonymously or not. Feel free.

Icons as procrastination

    Icons.Collapse )


There She Is! Step Five - Imagine

I posted 'There She Is!' awhile back and several people wanted to know when the final chapter would be out. Well, it's out! And I think it's the perfect thing to post at the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. Enjoy!



Happy Holidays

Just thought I'd share a pic with you guys.

May no one do to you what someone did to Ulquiorra here.

Ulquiorra Icons (and Ishida!.....and more)

I went looking for chapters with Halibel in them, and instead was struck by this image of Ulquiorra. (Also...Ishida.)





Drabble Meme

Alright...I haven't written fic for awhile, and hopefully that will change once school ends, but I do want to write now. So....go for it.

Pick a number from the list below and a character from a fandom I am familiar with. I will write you a drabble.



Sailor Moon
(Choose one of these at your own risk!)

Also, I stole this from day_eight , and just like she did....if anyone wants my HB Akon or Halibel, that's fine by me too.

If appropriate for the number (ie: 'turned on character') feel free to request a pairing.

1. Naughty Character
2. Happy Character
3. Sly Character
4. Angsty Character
5. Stubborn Character
6. Sleeping Character
7. Heart-broken Character
8. Excited Character
9. Curious Character
10. Dancing Character
11. Jealous Character
12. Turned-On Character
13. Caring Character
14. On-Their-Knees Character
15. Submissive Character
16. Dominant Character
17. Angry Character
18. Naive Character
19. Bloody Character
20. Greedy Character
21. Daring Character
22. Exploring Character
23. Evil Character
24. Depressed Character
25. Disheveled Character
26. Exhausted Character
27. Day-dreaming Character
28. Kick-Ass Character
29. Injured Character
30. Protective Character
31. Hungry Character

I reserve the right to ask you to pick a different character, should you choose one I am either unfamiliar with or am incapable of writing.


Where have the fics gone?